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Madelaine Fajardo Bechara, DDS


My name is Dr. Madelaine Fajardo Bechara and practicing dentistry has been my life's calling. Throughout my 25 years of helping patients to improve and maintain their oral health, I have come to treat all kinds of cases. Some simple. Some very challenging. Some right in between. Interestingly, all cases share a common thread: they need a doctor who cares. My hope is that you will allow me to care for you.

My Story

Ever since I can remember—from my childhood days in Cuba to my time spent at dental school during my young adulthood in Mexico, from opening my private practice and raising my four children in Oaxaca, to relocating to South Florida and continuing my journey as a dentist in Miami—I have cared for people and their smiles. Treating patients from all walks of life has uniquely prepared me to care for the diversity which is so commonplace in our Tri-County Area. In fact, my story is the typical kind you see in Miami. Which is why I feel right at home!  


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